Monday, December 3, 2012

Rotnick the Relentless

Hey, I still have this thing!
Rotnick is a codgery old dragon who likes nothing more than to drone on and on about the good old days. When dragons where feared and respected. Not trivialized like if it was your pet dog that can be taught to roll over and play dead. Train your dragon. Pah! And you know what else? There wasn't any of this "friendship" mumbo-jumbo. You can go make friends with a unicorn or a jackalope, but not dragons. They don't need your companioship. No sirree. Dragons are perfectly fine living a solitary lifestyle without any of your drama. You can keep your feelings to yourself. And what is this with princesses getting all friendly with dragons nowadays? Yeah, he has a relentless mouthful to tell you, hence why he is the relentless. So find a seat and get comfy.

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