Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Meet Roek

This is another one of my characters who deserves a little more attention these days. Originally this was a creature concept I made up in 2006 for a video game called Spore. Yes, I was following that game for that long.

Since then I modified the design so much since then. I called them Sombrerons, named for their hat-like head they had for their first design. For the most part, I maintained their peculiar way of locomotion. They walk with their hands, grab and hold with their feet.

Initially this may seem challenging trying to figure out how these guys deal with day-to-day life. How they interact with things and how they use tools or drive vehicles. It was sort of an interesting project, and still is. Nowadays I like to switch things up and occasionally have them interact with their limbs like normal humans do. Mostly because it's still hard trying to figure out how they do everything with their feet. :P

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